Frequently Asked Questions about Our Products


What is a Resin Coated Product, and what is it composed of?

A resin-coated product is an adhesive composed of:
  • Polymeric PVC on the bottom
  • Polyurethane Resin on the top
The thickness of a resin-coated adhesive is about 100 µm (Polymeric PVC) + 2 mm (Polyurethane Resin).
It is generally used in motorcycle tanks for greater protection.

What is a Plasticized Product, and what is it composed of?

A plasticized product is an adhesive composed of:
  • Polymeric PVC on the bottom
  • Transparent Glossy/Matte Polymeric PVC on the top
The thickness of a plasticized adhesive is about 100 µm (Polymeric PVC) + 100 µm (Transparent Glossy/Matte Polymeric PVC)
It is generally used on motorcycle fairings to personalize and change the look of the bikes.

Is there a difference between resin-coated and plasticized adhesive in terms of wear over time?

No, in terms of wear, the two products have the same durability.

Do your resin-coated adhesives yellow over time?

No, our resin-coated products do not yellow over time because we use only POLYURETHANE RESIN.

I need to create a custom adhesive, is it possible?

Yes, we offer customization services for our customers. We recommend contacting us HERE for assistance and various information.

Can I apply a resin-coated/plasticized adhesive even if I don't have much skill and experience?

With the right caution and attention, it is possible to apply a resin-coated/plasticized adhesive even for those who do not have expertise in application. In every shipment we make, we include a guide where you can find useful tips and advice for a successful application.

Are the products you offer in your store of your own production?

Absolutely yes, all the products in our store are of our own production.

Do the colors used in the adhesive prints exactly match the colors of my motorcycle?

AZ Graphishop always tries to simulate, in its products, a color result approximately similar to the color schemes of motorcycles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Shipments


How long does it take for the shipment of the purchased adhesives?

After making the payment, the order will be processed within 2/3 working days.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made through:
  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card Payment
  • Amazon Pay
  • Bank Transfer

Can I pay upon delivery?

For company policies, we do not accept cash on delivery payments.

What type of shipment do you offer? With which carriers?

We only offer traceable shipments with the following carriers:
  • GLS
  • TNT
  • FedEx
  • Italian Post

How soon will I receive my products?

  • National Shipments (within Italy) approximately 2/3 working days
  • Intracomunitary Shipments (European Union) approximately 1/2 weeks
  • International Shipments approximately 2/4 weeks

Can I change the shipping address after the products have been processed?

Yes, the address can be modified if the selected carriers are: GLS, TNT, and FedEx.

I wasn't at home at the time of delivery, what should I do now?

The courier will attempt to redeliver the package on the next working day, after which the package will be held in storage. If the package is in storage, contact us, and we will provide the necessary instructions to have the package delivered to you.

My shipment is lost, what should I do?

If checking the tracking code doesn't show any updates on the delivery status, contact us. We will promptly contact the courier for more information. If, after the necessary procedures, the package is not delivered to you, we will resend the order or provide a full refund in your favor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Applications


How can I easily apply a resin-coated adhesive?

For correct application, we recommend consulting the instructions provided within the shipment.

How can I easily apply a plasticized adhesive?

For correct application, we recommend consulting the instructions provided within the shipment.

I applied the adhesive incorrectly, can I still correct the position?

Initially, after a few seconds from the application, it is possible to reposition the adhesive.

After applying plasticized adhesives, I noticed the formation of bubbles underneath, how can I remove them?

For the removal of bubbles formed on the underside of the adhesive, we recommend using a needle/pin to pierce the bubble and allow the escape of trapped air.

After being applied, can the adhesives somehow damage the motorcycle fairings?

Absolutely not. The adhesive used in our products is non-corrosive and does not damage the underlying areas at all.

Can the adhesives be easily removed after application?

Yes, the adhesives can absolutely be easily removed. We recommend heating the adhesive first for easier removal.

The adhesive left glue residues, how to remove them completely?

We recommend using alcohol and adhesive solvent products for proper glue removal.

Frequently Asked Questions about RETURNS AND REFUNDS


How can I return the products?

To make a return, we ask you to respect the following steps:
  • Ship the products in the same condition as they were received
  • Use a tracked shipment
  • Ship to the address:
  • Az Graphishop SRL Via Rosina Anselmi, 10 Catania - 95122 - ITALY
  • Include the order number in the return package
Once we receive the items and verify their condition, we will process the refund for the order (the amount will be calculated by adding the costs of the various items plus the cost of our shipment).

Within how much time can I make a return?

Within 14 days from receiving the package

Can I return applied products?

No, the adhesives must not have been applied

Some products are missing from my shipment, how can I get the rest?

The refund is issued within 5 working days of receiving the return (consider bank processing times to receive the credit).